Home & School

Home & School

The Home and School Association is maintained for parents and teachers, realizing that the success of the school depends on cooperation between them.

The purpose of the Association is threefold:

  • To bring into a closer relation the home and school, that parents and teachers may cooperate in the spiritual growth of their children.
  • To secure as far as possible the attendance of our children in one of our schools.
  • To assist the School Board and faculty by supplying general equipment for the school.

“Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.” - Proverbs 23:12

Ongoing Fund Raising Activities

Here are some things you can do without much work at all to help raise funds for AJA. Additionally, we have assembled a packet of information that you can print to help your efforts.

Office Depot

Office DepotMention Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy when buying supplies at Office Depot, and they will give the school 5% of your qualifying purchase toward the purchase of school supplies! When checking out, give the clerk our school code of 70108916 or mention Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy, and they will do the rest.

We Recycle Aluminum Cans

cansDo you save and recycle your aluminum cans? Sure you do. Now you can turn that activity into cash for the school. Bring your cans to our aluminum can dumpster located at the back of the gym entrance and dump them in. We'll take it from there.



Now you can support AJA by simply saving the labels, UPC codes, and caps from products you're already buying.

KempsYou can help our school by simply enjoying the great taste of Kemps. Buy your favorite Kemps dairy products with specially marked caps or proof-of-purchase symbols, bring 'em to school, and earn money for the things your school needs. Each stickered milk cap or proof-of-purchase symbol is worth 5¢, which we can turn into computers, books, art supplies—you name it!

By redeeming caps from selected GG Golden Guernsey Dairy and Morning Glory milk products, their Nickel for Your Cap will pay our school five cents for each specially-marked cap that meets their guidelines.

Campbell'sWe all love Campbell's products, right? Now you can help our school get free stuff by saving labels from many of their products through their Labels for Education program.

BoxtopsAnother great program is Boxtops for Education. Visit their site to learn about how you can support AJA with the many products that you're already buying.

Start collecting now! When you've accumulated a pile, bring them to the school. We have a collection bin inside the front door. If you have any questions, call Donna Corell at the school: (920) 494-2741. Thank you.

Gift Cards

Woodmans/Fleet FarmAnother way for you to easily contribute to AJA is through bying gift cards. We have Woodmans cards available in either $50 or $100 amounts, and we have Fleet Farm cards available in $25 or $50 amounts. Both businesses will return 5 percent to AJA. In addition, the school sells Kwik Trip cards in either $25 or $100 amounts and earns the school 10%.

If you wish to purchase a card, contact Allison Payne during the school day at (920) 494-2741.

Universal Parent Involvement (UPI) Program

The school is part of the body of Christ, and the body of Christ will only function well when all members give of their gifts. While your financial support is important, giving of your time and talent is also necessary to meet the needs of the school.

The Universal Parent Involvement (UPI) program requires each family to make an annual commitment of either 20 hours of service to the school or a $200 UPI buy-out or a combination of both. At the start of each school year, you will receive a UPI packet, which lists the many ways you can meet your UPI requirement throughout the school year.

Although we call this a mandatory obligation, it is really an opportunity to become closer to this wonderful place which God has provided for our children.


UPI Opportunities

Some UPI opportunities are:

  • Attend Home and School Parent Meeting – Held Quarterly = One Hour Credit
  • AJA Cleaning Work Bee / Per Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Morning Praise & Prayer Bench – Once a Week = Half Hour Credit
  • Chaperone or Drive for School Field Trip / Per Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Assist Teacher in Classroom Activity / Per Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Provide Dessert Hot Lunch Program / Per $5.00 Spent = Half Hour Credit
  • Harvest Pumpkins / Per Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Work in AJA Pumpkin Patch / One Hour = One Hour Credit
  • Sell Pumpkin Coupons / Two Coupons Sold = Half Hour Credit
  • Fresh Fruit Fund Raiser / Each Box Sold = Half Hour Credit
  • Winter Festival Booth / Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Rummage Sale / Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit
  • Track and Field Day / Half Hour Given = Half Hour Credit


Wish List

Please prayerfully consider helping us by purchasing or donating one or more of the following items:

Mrs. Magray's Room:

  • Ready-to-use washable tempera paint.
  • 12" x 18" drawing and paint paper.
  • Glitter
  • Money for the library fund to purchase books.
  • Digital Camera
  • A CD/Cassette Tape player/boombox style radio
  • Easy reading books
  • Computer (Windows 7 or better)
  • Puppets

Miss Binford's Room:

Wish List
  • New Laptop Computers (Windows 7 or Better)
  • Digital Cameras for yearbook
  • Flat bases for softball/ball field
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Document Camera

Mr. B's Room:

  • Laptop Computers (Windows 7 or better)
  • PE Equipment (Flat bases for inside gym use, younger age floor hockey set
  • Art Supplies: Construction Paper, Paints, Brushes, Etc.