Monthly Bible Labs Grades 3-6
The first Tuesday of every month grades 3-6 spend the afternoon visiting and playing games with the residents of Harmony Homes.  Fun is had by all, residents and students alike.  Check out the photos.

Mission Trips

AJA Mission Trip 2014

It is now AJA’s custom to participate in a mission trip during the course of the school year.   Last year the mission trip was to Camp Wakonda where students at AJA earned the reputation of being helpful and hard-working.  In fact, it went so well that Pastor Greg Taylor personally invited us back for this year’s mission trip.  He even offered to take us out for ice cream to sweeten the deal.  How could we refuse?  Take time to view the pictures.

Again the students at AJA lived up to their reputation and contributed whole heartedly and with smiles to the work that had to be done at Camp Wakonda.  As their teacher, I was very proud of the effort and positive attitudes of each and every one of them.  Pastor Greg and the other workers at Camp constantly showered our team with gratitude and it warmed our hearts knowing we had been a blessing.   It is my hope that they carry a service oriented spirit throughout the rest of their lives and always seek to be a light in their homes, communities, and in their world. 

“Is not this the work that every youth should be seeking to do, working in Christ’s lines? You have Christ’s help. The ideas of the students will broaden. They will be far reaching, and the powers of usefulness, even in your student’s life, will be continually growing. The arms, the hands, which God has given, are to be used in doing good which shall bear the signet of heaven, that you can at last hear the “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” {AH 510.1}




Matthew Goddard Scholarship

Matthew GoddardMatthew's life was cut short at 18 when he was killed in an automobile accident on his way to work. Matthew touched the lives and hearts of so many people. He had an aura of charisma that seemed to draw people to him. Matthew loved the Lord with his whole heart and being, and he was not afraid to share this deep love of God with anyone he came in contact.

Matthew spent many happy hours while attending the Adventist Junior Academy. To show their appreciation for the positive influence the Adventist Junior Academy had upon Matthew's life, it is the family's desire to start a scholarship fund in Matthew's name.

The Matthew David Goddard Scholarship Fund will be offered to help supplement the cost of attending Adventist Junior Academy. Donations to the scholarship fund to help support this mission will be greatly appreciated.

Criteria to Apply for Scholarship Funds:


  • Student has a love for the Lord and a desire for a Christian education.
  • Student and family are willing to support Adventist Junior Academy in fund-raising efforts and financially to the best of their ability.
  • Student is attending Adventist Junior Academy for the first time.
  • Students apply by contacting the school treasurer, who will pass names to the scholarship committee.
  • Students/parents (guardians) will meet with the scholarship committee to apply for funds. (A request for financial information will be required as part of the decision making process.)


To Donate:


  • Make checks out to Adventist Junior Academy
  • Mark “Scholarship Fund” in the memo section
  • Send to: Adventist Junior Academy, 1422 Shawano Ave., Green Bay, WI 54303



BibleThe term “Bible Labs” indicates that the religious knowledge acquired by the students in Bible classes is to be used in a practical way to fulfill the mission of the church in the community and in the world.


Some of the important goals of Bible Labs are:

  • To encourage students to deepen their personal commitment to Jesus
  • To help students identify and develop their individual God-given gifts
  • To assist students in the development of knowledge and skills necessary to serve others
  • To involve students in a variety of witnessing and service activities appropriate to their age, spiritual experience, and skill development level
  • To teach students how to relate to other people
  • To allow students to assist the local churches in meeting their missionary objectives
  • To help fulfill the unique philosophy on witnessing that is a part of Adventist education


The Bible Labs concept is founded on the philosophy that Christian education is Christ centered, Bible based, and service structured. Students who attend AJA are led to know Chirst as their personal Savior, to develop a character and a lifestyle based on biblical principles, and to be trained to use their knowledge and skills to serve others. By involving students in the lives of others through service and outreach projects, they become acquainted with the needs of people in the world around them. Consequently, the students learn how their own talents and skills can be used to meet these needs.